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Dear Reader,

Most traders make one huge mistake…

They spend too much of their time trying to make money.

Now, I realize that may sound odd, but it’s 100% true.

I know because I made this mistake when I started trading many years ago.

You see, rather than taking easy gains consistently, I devoted way too much of my time to finding those 400%… 500%… and 1,000% gains I was always reading about.

For days, I’d comb financial sites trying to figure out which stocks were poised to pay out huge gains… and after a lot of painstaking research (and some pretty irritating losses), I realized something.

It’s a heck of a lot easier to make 10%, 20%, even 30% gains over and over again than it is to chase those “white whale” gains.

Of course, this may seem obvious, but in my estimation, this is the reason roughly only 3% of ALL traders achieve actual success in the markets.

Yet with a little bit of patience and the strategy I’ve been using now for 10+ years, you can buck those odds and get quite rich in the process.

And I’m going to reveal this strategy to you today, absolutely FREE of charge.

There are no gimmicks or tricks here.

By the time you’re finished with this presentation, you’ll know exactly how I make my money, how easy it is, and how you can do the same thing starting today.

Profit more by earning less

The way I’ve been able to nail down winner after winner… year after year… is quite simple.

I use a well-known method of trading known as momentum trading.

As you probably already know, there are countless variables that impact the share price of a company.

Everything from media coverage to company news releases can change the price of a stock in an instant.

And these are the profit waves, if you really want to get rich, you’ll learn to identify.

You see, momentum trading is much more than just looking at company balance sheets, annual reports, and earnings statements.

While those things can be handy, momentum stock gains are instead made when the price of a company’s shares meet with volatility.

And this happens, as I said before, when media coverage is heavy or some piece of news is released about a company.

For instance, take the tech company Broadcom as an example.

In August of 2013, share prices of the company dropped 15% almost overnight once it was revealed that Broadcom was no longer going to supply parts to Apple and Samsung for their smart phones.

Most folks saw that and walked away from the table… but not me.

I delved deeper, knowing that Broadcom is a solid company.  I knew they had to be up to something and believed the stock to be undervalued.

Well, as it turns out, not much after the Broadcom sell-off, it was announced that the company was going to be a key supplier of technology to Google for the Chromecast TV adapter.

So what did I do?  I pounced.

And what did the stock do?  It paid out a nice little gain.

Check it out:

The stock that folks stopped watching because they thought it was “dead” rebounded quite nicely and paid out 39% gains.

In other words, all those folks looking for the blockbuster 500% gains were sitting on their hands while I collected a nice little chunk of cash.

This is what momentum trading is all about… playing small stock runs time and time again for consistent gains while no one else is paying attention.


How do you actually know which stocks to buy?

I’m about to share that with you…

The blueprint for consistent profits

Your success in identifying profitable momentum trades should be based on these three fundamental concepts… ones that I always follow

So, let me show you an example of a momentum trade I recently spotted… and then I’ll explain how it all went down.

Take a look at this chart:

At first, it doesn’t look like anything special.  BUT, it was a pure momentum play, and I knew it was coming.

Green Mountain Roasters is a Keurig company, famous for their K-Cups, which deliver single servings of coffee through recyclable plastic containers.

However, around the time I spotted this trade, the company’s patent was expiring, leading many to think other companies would jump on the bandwagon and begin producing their own versions of the K-Cup.

In other words, news didn’t look so good – to SOME people.

I wasn’t so sure, and a Forbes article shortly after this happened confirmed my suspicions, saying the stock had “entered into oversold territory.”

Not only that, but there was also a flurry of insider activity taking place.
So what did I do?  I jumped into the stock without hesitation, set my target exit price, and made a nice 24% gain as the stock went back up.

Not only that, but the stock had hit an RSI (Relative Strength Index) reading of 29.8.

This was technical proof to me that the sell-off was near exhaustion and a turnaround was coming.

A similar situation occurred with a company by the name of Palo Alto Networks.

As you can see from the chart, there was a sell-off here as well.  The stock price declined pretty sharply once June hit and continued on into July.

Then a couple of things happened.

First, the company unveiled that they’d been perfecting a game-changing security technology.

Second, Jim Cramer caught wind and jumped on the stock.

These two things, combined with a flurry of insider transactions, led me to a very quick decision.  Buy, Buy, Buy.

So I sent out an email to a small circle of folks, telling them it was time to buy, what the price target was, and to lock in their positions.

And over the course of the next few months, those who listed to my advice netted 41% gains.

As you’ll notice, the stock went up after I sent out my alert, then back down again.

But I wasn’t worried because, again, the RSI indicator told me to hold on a bit longer.

You see, in September, in the middle of the decline, the stock was largely oversold, showing an RSI of just 28.2.

So instead of selling with the rest of the scared crowd, I did was Warren Buffett would do and stayed greedy while others grew fearful.

And as you can see, the play worked out perfectly for those using the proper analysis.

Now, while I used an RSI indicator for those first two… let me show another indicator that is incredible useful.

Have a look at this chart for the company Proofpoint:

The news and the insider activity were both there.

But instead of RSI, I noticed that in October there was a MACD crossover.

What that means is this:

When the MACD (something you can find on any financial charting site) rises above the signal lie, the indicator gives a bullish signal.

In other words, the stock price is set to experience upward momentum.

And it did.  This time those I sent my alert out had the chance to pocket quick 31% gains.

So, as you can see, momentum trading works in all sectors and for all types of stocks.

It’s not just big companies or small companies.  It’s not just biotech or energy.

It works for EVERYTHING.

And if you have the patience and put in the due diligence, you can find stocks like these ALL the time.

And if you notice, every exit point in those charts was an even number.

That’s because I picked my target price and sold, no matter what, at that price.

Of course, picking your target exit price doesn’t mean you won’t ever see huge gains from time to time…

Ride the momentum to 260% gains

I’m sure you’ve heard of the company Netflix…

Well, in the summer of 2012, the stock bottomed out, falling below $54 per share.

However, after retooling their business model and making some tweaks to the way they do business, the stock quickly began to turn around.

And when I say turn around, I mean shoot up in price to the tune of 260%.

Investors who did their research and knew what was coming collected on a huge payday in 2013 when the stock took off.

Those who turned their backs are probably still kicking themselves.

But while these kinds of gains are possible with momentum trading, they’re certainly not the norm.

And I’ll tell you why.

Momentum trading is unlike other forms of investing for one major reason.

You set profit targets.  I know I mentioned this before, but it’s extremely important, so I want to reiterate.

You’re only riding the wave of investor euphoria on these plays, not holding on for the long haul here.

So when you lock in a position on a stock, you set your target price, and once that price hits, you sell.

That’s all there is to it.

As with the charts I’ve already shown you… the stock still went up a touch after I got out, but I’m okay with that.

You’re never going to time a stock from bottom to top, perfectly.  It’s nearly impossible to do.

Plus, I’m ALWAYS fine getting out of a position with gains locked into place.  There’s no better feeling than knowing you made money.

And once your emotions, like greed, get in the way… that’s when you find yourself losing money.

It’s that type of control that led me to 23% gains on Clovis Oncology.

As you can see, the stock did go a little higher after I sold…

BUT, it also tanked shortly thereafter.

Like with Broadcom, I was trading based on investor sentiment and news that was circulating at the time.

I didn’t care if the stock was going to eventually go down because I wasn’t holding beyond my target price of $74.00.

So when that target was hit, I got out faster than you can say, “Sell.”

Had I been greedy, I could have very well ended up in the red.

Of course, as you might have guessed by now, momentum trading does take time.

There IS a lot of research… you have to check on stocks every day… and you have to be plugged in, ready to buy at any time.

In other words, it’s not for everybody.

However, now that I’ve shared my secret with you… I have a very special offer for you today.

If you don’t have the time or patience to trade like this but STILL want to rake in the same types of gains… I can give you that.

But first, let me introduce myself…

Momentum trading made easy

My name is Manny Backus.

If you’re not familiar with the name, you may have heard about me by reputation.

In investment circles, I’m called the “stock trading whiz” or “the untutored prodigy of stock investing.”

I’ve gained this reputation because my track record is unheard of, even among seasoned trading professionals with decades of experience.

And I believe I owe a large part of my success to my chess-playing past.

At one point, I was rigorously trained to become a professional chess player.  But when I was a teenager, I became obsessed with online trading.  After participating in several stock-picking competitions, I noticed that certain people beat the market consistently.

There were only a handful of these super-traders, but that reaffirmed my belief that there had to be some secret technique to earn money consistently in the stock market.

That’s when I realized my training in the world of chess had given me the tactical ability and power to focus that’s needed to beat the markets day in and day out.

You see, chess is part tactics and part ability to focus and remain unemotional.  In chess, the player is always trying to challenge himself… to try and guess the next move on the board.

In stock trading, the trader is doing much the same thing… always trying to figure out what stock will move next.

I committed myself to finding out just how to predict those moves with great accuracy.

I’ve shown you the examples, and I’ve shown you the proven profits.

Now it’s your turn to share in that success.

You see, in order to help others replicate the success of proven (and wealthy) momentum traders, I created a stock advisory service called Momentum Trading Profits.

My current readers don’t have to know anything about the stock market or do ANY research.

They simply let me do all the heavy lifting for them.

This is where my very special offer comes in…

I want to prove it to you first-hand, so you can see just how much money you could make.

Here are the full details:

30 Days FREE!

For the next 30 days, I will send you every momentum play I uncover… and I’ll send these high-profit, low-risk picks to you for free.

Now, keep in mind what this means for you.

You won’t have to analyze a single stock.  You won’t have to apply any technical indicators.  And you won’t have to spend hours in front of your computer.

And despite this lack of “work,” you’ll have access to all of my Momentum Trading Profits alerts.

You have to realize that my system starts with analyzing price action with a scan of thousands of stocks as I look for changes in momentum.

Then I apply several technical indicators.

Once stocks that meet the technical criteria are found, they are evaluated to see if the share price is primed to ride a wave of profit.

And once I’ve narrowed everything down to the most profitable plays, I deliver them to you.

In other words, I’m willing to do all the legwork so you don’t have to.

You’ll then have ample time to judge for yourself (based on your personal results) if I’m for real… and if my picks can make you a lot of money.

You could potentially make thousands – perhaps even tens of thousands of dollars – with very little effort on your part.

Again, I do all the work for you.

And you won’t pay a cent for this 30-day inside peek at Momentum Trading Profits.

However, I’m not making any guarantees as to your future success.

No one can make flat out guarantees on what you’ll make investing.

But as you can see, by trading my accurate picks and using me as your stock filter, the potential for fast, huge gains is very, very possible.

Besides, your personal results could be even better.


By taking a look at Momentum Trading Profits for FREE… for 30 full days.

I’m making this a “can’t lose” proposition for you.

Because I’m just like you.

I don’t believe in taking reckless chances or any other kind of risks.

For this reason, I’m not going to ask you to risk a thing.  During these 30 days, you can prove to yourself whether my recommendations are worth it or not.

This is a limited-time opportunity

I must let you know, though, that I have to keep the number of participants limited… I can’t just give out my picks for free to thousands of folks.

So, after some careful calculations, I figured out I can only keep this offer open for the first 875 folks that respond.

Once those spots are gone, I will not allow anyone else to participate for a while.

How long?  There’s no telling, but I do know the doors won’t open again for some time.

Should you qualify, you’ll be given password-protected access to the member’s only website… since that’s where I post all of my potentially game-changing recommendations.

In other words, I do all the work.  You simply log on, see the play, and decide if it’s right for you.  It’s that simple.

You don’t have to figure anything out, either.  I analyze the market, watch the prime plays ready to skyrocket in value, develop the strategy, and do all the tedious research for you.

Plus, when the time is right, I tell you which plays to get in on… the exact point to enter a trade and your target price for getting out.

My hot picks are posted daily on the member’s only website which, as I already mentioned, you’ll have access to.

So, as you can see, you’re not getting “second-tier” recommendations here.  You’ll have access to the very same picks paid subscribers to my Momentum Trading Profits advisory letter receive.

And to say they’ve been happy so far is a vast understatement.

Just check out what they’ve had to say about Momentum Trading Profits

So your “job” here is simple: Log into the member’s only website.  Pick the plays I’ve set up that you want to trade, and read over my strategy for trading them.  Then, either place those trades through your online account, or pick up the phone and call your broker.

This very well could be…

The easiest money you’ve ever made

Keep in mind, the purpose of this offer is to prove you can profit from momentum swings quickly and easily.  So I’ve gone to great lengths to take out as much of the hassle and risk of trading for you as I could.

By following my recommendations, you could bank a nice profit during the next 30 days.  Others have.  So can you.

Plus, in addition to having the same web access paid subscribers to Momentum Trading Profits get, you’ll receive all the same perks:

So, now that I’ve covered all that, let me share with you…

Who Qualifies?

In order to qualify, you must meet these four criteria…

If you’re okay with the above, then I invite you to join me and a few other lucky traders (provided you make it in under the 875 investor cutoff).

You’ll have a lot of fun and maybe make a nice chunk of change in the next 30 days.

Besides, think about…

What would all this extra money mean for you?

There’s probably a lot you could do with the money, like…

Whatever you decide, I’m sure you’ll enjoy having some more money.

And, although I can’t make any promises, I’m pretty sure you could bank considerable profits during the next 30 days.

But only if you claim one of the few remaining spots since.

Of course, I’m sure you’re wondering by now…

Is all of this really FREE?

So, am I really giving you access to Momentum Trading Profits for FREE?

Well, the answer is yes as you’ll see in just a moment.

Here’s the deal: All I ask is that you take a full test-drive of my advisory service Momentum Trading Profits.

You get all my hot momentum plays.  In fact, you get full access to everything in the advisory just as if you were a paying member.

All you do is copy my alerts as I send them out, and then place them with your broker.

Now, you’ve seen what kind of money you can make… and I’ve shown you everything you’ll receive as part of the challenge.

And I’m sure you’ll agree I could charge a fortune for this service.

I mean, I know of several other services that cost hundreds – even thousands – of dollars up front.

So I realize that I could easily charge up to $5,000 per year for Momentum Trading Profits.

But I don’t.

In fact, my current subscribers pay just $147 per month for access to Momentum Trading Profits.

That’s it.

But today, you don’t have to pay anything.

Well, I do ask that you cover the cost of shipping for the Momentum Trading Profits Welcome Kit.

But that’s only $7.67.

If you ask me, that’s a heck of a deal.

Plus, consider this, should you look at my recommendations and decide they’re not for you… simply return the Welcome Kit and I won’t charge you a penny.

In other words, take 30 full days, check out the picks I issue, and if it’s not what you thought, simply let me know, and you’re set to try something else.

However, if you do remain on after the 30 days, which is what happens with almost all of my members, you’ll be locked in at the current price of just $147 per month.

You see, I only want you to pay for my service AFTER you’ve had the chance to make money.

In fact, I want you to make enough money to cover a whole year’s worth of Momentum Trading Profits… something which is quite likely.

This type of deal is why we’ve been around for so long in the investment world.

We shoot straight and give you a fair chance to make money.  So it’s no surprise we’re one of the fastest-growing companies in the country.

And keep in mind…

Spots will continue to go quickly

Again, immediate access to the member’s only website, my options alerts, and access to Momentum Trading Profits is free for the first 30 days.

And it won’t cost you a penny unless you decide to stay on for the long haul (other than the small shipping cost of the Welcome Kit).

All you have to do is let us know should you decide not to remain a member after 30 days, and we’ll take you off our list.  You won’t be charged a penny.

As a gift for trying out my advisory service, though, you’re free to keep any special reports I send you, and of course, any profits you rake in during the challenge.

Considering the potential profits you could be enjoying, I’m sure you can handle that.  Don’t take your time thinking about this special offer for too long though…

As I’ve said a couple times already, there is a cap of 875 investors I’m allowing to take this challenge.

Remaining spots will go fast… they have in the past, and I expect no different today.

So click here and secure your spot right away.

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Manny Backus

P.S. Because this is a special FREE offer, spots will most certainly go quickly.  I know how fast they fill up when I charge for access, so now that membership is FREE today, I can only imagine how many people will jump on board.  Don’t delay.  Click here to get 30 days of access for FREE!


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