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Dear Reader,

Back on January 4, 2013, I sent a stock alert to my subscribers.

I told them in no uncertain terms this stock had the realistic chance of bringing back triple-digit gains. The opening price of the stock on that date was $5.04.

By October 16, 2013, a single share was worth $12.95.

Which means, in a little over nine months, this stock shot up by a shocking…

156.94% Or 19 Times HIGHER Than
Average Stock Market Returns

Say what you will… but… that is a staggering rise in share values in a relatively short period of time.

My subscribers were ecstatic. Many of them caught this play at just the right time… immediately upon my alert and… made a bundle. Just by following my recommendation.

You see, my job as the editor of Consensus Picks, is to uncover these kinds of profit plays. The vast majority of them go unnoticed by the mainstream.

And yet, a number of these overlooked plays turn into runaway winners.

Like the stock above.

Let me give you a little background…

Dr. Phillip Frost is known as the “Steve Jobs of the biotech world.”

The man is an absolute genius at turning underground biotech companies into stellar success stories. For instance, in the 1970′s (before traders knew what the term “biotech” meant), Dr. Frost bought Key Pharmaceuticals.

He worked his magic and 16 years later sold the company to Schering-Plough for…

$826 million!

Pretty good, right?

Not for Dr. Frost.

He rolled up his sleeves and started another drug company.

This one was located in Miami and known as IVAX. Twenty years later (in 2006), IVAX was sold to the Israeli generic drug giant known as TEVA Pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Frost collected $7.6-billion on the sale.

His personal return was in the 6,000% ROI “neighborhood.”

This guy has a mind that just won’t quit.

Not only did he make out like a bandit on the sale of IVAX… but… he became the chairman of TEVA (the company that bought IVAX)… and… went on to start another company under TEVA’s umbrella which…

Developed A Diagnostic Device
The Size Of A Credit Card Machine That
Replaces An Entire Hospital Lab

What does this have to do with you making a ton more in the markets?

I’m getting to that point so just bear with me here…

You see, the new company is called Opko Health (NYSE:OPK).

I got wind of what Dr. Frost was doing at Opko in 2012. I watched his every move like a hawk. And wouldn’t you know it?

Dr. Frost went on an insider buying spree the likes of which I’ve never seen. In 2012, he scooped up almost 11 million shares of Opko worth $50-million.

By late 2012 I formulated a plan to profit from… what I believed would be… an inevitable and sharp rise in the share price of Opko. And, as you saw above, that pick produced a hefty 156.94% for me and my Consensus Picks subscribers in 2013.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Because Opko was not the only pick putting a big fat smile on the faces of my happy subscribers. I sent them a few others… because… I know how to find these kinds of winners.

On top of that… not only do I find them… I also share them with subscribers of my elite alert service Consensus Picks.

And I share the complete trading blueprints I use (including entry points, exit points, overall trading strategy, stop losses… everything) with subscribers too.

Like I did when recommending these additional profit-rich trades…

By October 24, 2013, Starz shot up to $30.72 a share.

A total gain of… 85.96% in 8 months.

By January 8, 2014, FuelCell shares jolted up to $1.95.

A total gain of… 85.71% in 8 months.

By December 4, 2013 (just 3 months later) Rite Aid was selling at $6.15.

A total gain of… 73.24% in less than 90 days.

One final example…

By February 13, 2014 Sketchers was selling at $36.10.

A total gain of… 67.67% in 10 months.

Had you known about these recommendations… and… had you jumped on them per my alerts… then… you could have banked…

Total Gains Of 469.52% In About 14
Months Of “Easy-Chair” Trading

You could have…

… turned $10,000 into… $56,952!

… or turned $25,000 into… $142,380!

… or even turned $50,000 into… $284,760!

Even half of that would have made you $28,476 richer… or $71,190 richer… or $142,380 richer. Depending on how much you started with.

Here’s the exciting part…

Even though you missed out on those winners… you do not have to miss out on the next batch of winning picks I’m about to recommend.

As you can see, Consensus Picks is a “sane” approach to income investing.

I look for medium-term plays. Those I can turn into cash within four to 12 months. No crazy or stressful day trading. No fear of losing big.

Consensus Picks could be your ticket to trading success because…

That’s why I believe Consensus Picks allows you to…

Enjoy The Most Consistent And
Profit-Rich Trades You’ve Ever Made

Getting these high-profit/low-risk plays is simple.

All you have to do is join my Consensus Picks Advisory!

Here’s what you get:

Plus, you also receive these…

Extra Free Bonus Trading Reports

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I’m no fool.

I know you’ve heard similar claims before.

That’s why I’m willing to let you put me to the test.

If I’m full of hot air… then… you’ll lose nothing by giving Consensus Picks a fair try.

On the other hand, if I’m for real (and I assure you I am)… then… the hot alerts you receive during your FREE 30-Day Trial could amount to a small fortune in trading profits.

I’m about to release my Top 5 Stocks To Buy Right Now report. These stocks represent the best Consensus Picks I’ve dug up. The ones I feel will bring back double and triple-digit returns in a matter of a few weeks to a few months.

You already missed out on 469.52% gains.

Don’t let this opportunity slip by.

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(NOTE:The only thing I ask you to cover is the small $7.67 shipping and handling fee for the Fast Start Kit. Which… by the way… you’ll get by postal mail within a few days of subscribing.)

At the end of your FREE 30-DAY TRIAL you have one of two choices…

So this is a pretty cut-and-dried offer.

Check out Consensus Picks… risk-free. After the trial period decide if you want to continue or not. But at least you would of gotten a chance to see the alert service in action.

And you’ll be making your decision based on facts… and… your personal experience.

By the way… I’ve had several people make way more than their annual subscription during the FREE 30-Day Trial. As soon as your membership request is processed, you can access the online members-only website… and… the picks of the week.

You could begin…

Banking Serious Trading
Profits Starting Today!

You don’t have to believe me one bit.

Because here’s what a few current subscribers have to say…

“I’ve been a member now for just about a month.
I’m enjoying it so far. I sold SMSI for a 28% gain.”

— Maria G., Livermore, CA

“I bought stock in OPK and now am looking at a 21% increase in about a month’s time.

— Sean P., Austin, TX

“I have sold 1/2 of some my holdings to lock in profits so I am up a lot more then the $7,786.00.”

— Lou M., Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA

“In just two short months I have made profits of $27,896.46. Not bad for a beginner!”

— Stan J., Cambridge, MA

You may do as well or better.

But you’ll never know unless you…

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Manny Backus,
CEO Wealthpire, Inc.
(An Inc. 500 Company)

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